Blurams Wire-Free Camera 2K A11C Manual & Guide

Packing List

Get to know your camera

1. Power up your camera

  Please use the provided USB cable and 5V/1A power adapter(self-provided) to fully charge your camera.

2. How to install the camera?

  1. Fix the mounting bracket on the wall with the screws accessories.

  2. Rotate the locking cap to fix the connecting joint to a preferred angle.

  3. Rotate the camera to the connecting joint and make sure the camera's lens is on the top during installation.

  4. When completed, please check that all locking mechanisms are tightly secured.

  (Note: The camera can also be placed wherever you like without mounting it on the wall.)

3. Download blurams App

  Download the App by searching “blurams” in the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can open a QR scanner App and scan the blurams App QR code below to install the App.

4. Add your camera to the App

  Enter the blurams App, sign up for a free blurams account and log in.

  Go to the home page, click the “+” icon in the top right corner, and select the model of your camera. Then, follow the instructions to finish the device configuration.


Why can't I add the camera to the App?

  1. Make sure the camera is fully charged and powered on. When seeing the red & blue flashing indicator light, the camera is read to pair.

  2. Connect your smartphone and the camera to the same 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network (a 5GHz network is not supported currently).

  3. Keep the camera, phone, and Wi-Fi router as close as possible during pairing.

Why can't the camera scan the QR code?

  1. Remove the lens protective film and make sure there is no dust on the lens.

  2. Adjust the smartphone screen brightness to high.

  3. Tap the QR code picture to enlarge it.

  4. Adjust the distance between the lens and screen, the optimaldistance is 3-5in.

How long does it take for the camera to be fully charged?

How long can a fully-charged camera last?

  1. Using a 5V/2A adapter, it takes about 4-5h to fully charge; using/1A adapter, it takes about 6h to fully charge.

  2. The battery usage time of the camera varies according to the time the camera is triggered. Recommended for use with a solar panel.

Why is the captured video black and white?

  1. Position the camera in a well-lit environment during the daytime.

  2. Check “Preferences” to see if the night vision is ON.

  3. Restart the camera and re-add it to the App.

  4. If you continue seeing black and white or other abnormal colors after trying all the above solutions, please contact the support team for help.

Why won’t the camera be turned on?

  1. Please make sure the camera is fully charged.

  2. Try using other power adapters and USB cables to charge the camera. (5V/1A or 5V/2A adapters are recommended)3. If the problem persists, please contact the support team for help.

Can't hear sound from the camera?

  1. Check “Preferences” to turn the “Microphone” option on.

  2. Remove the protective film, and try to talk closer and louder to the camera.

  3. Restart the camera.

Why is the live-streaming video upside down?

  In the Blurams app, go to the device's “Preferences” and tap “Rotate 180 °”.

  If you encounter any other problems in Product Information, ProductInstallation and Use, please refer to the “Mine > Help And Feedback” inthe blurams App or email [email protected].

Does the camera support solar panel charging?

  Yes, it supports solar panel power supply. The solar panel needs to be purchased separately. You can also buy a camera kit with a solar panel.

Look forward to your feedback

  blurams strives to offer high-quality products and thoughtful user experience, and we’re eager to hear your feedback or suggestions.

  Feel free to send your feedback through the App or email [email protected].


  1. Do not use the camera in any extreme weather environments, such as extremely high, low temperatures, direct strong sunlight, or heavy rain for long periods of time. The suitable temperature for the product and accessories is -20°C to 60°C.

  2. The recommended output voltage/current of the adapter is DC5V/1A and DC 5V/2A, and the adapter should be CE approval type.

  3. This product can be used across EU member states.

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