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The Peaceful Country Solution installs smart cameras in rural areas and gathers video streaming resources to the video platform. performs video forwarding, storage, and playback, and performs intelligent alarms through the Al algorithm platform to promote the construction of technical defense systems in rural areas and promote public safety. Video surveillance construction network work applications improve the rural public security system.

Industry Needs

Home Security

Rural areas are vast and sparsely populated. Once fugitive suspects and social fraudsters appear, it is difficult for villagers to detect and hunt them down.

Comprehensive Government Management

People in rural areas are scattered, and the degree of information is low. it is difficult for the government to understand the situation in the countryside in real-time, and it is difficult to deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

Key Personnel Attention

There are many left-behind elderly andleft-behind children in grass-roots ruralareas. Migrant workers cannot understand the situation of left-behind elderly and left-behind children in real-time.

Public Safety

In rural areas, there are many dangerous areas, such as reservoirs, fish ponds, and cliffs. where drowning and falling incidents are prone to occur. and it is difficult to get a timely rescue.

Product Architecture

The video stream resources are unified to the cloud video platform for video forwarding, storage, and video playback; the Al algorithm platform intelligently alarms the captured abnormal information; users can view video information and alarm information through multiple terminals such asAPP and computer client; The platform supports pushing the corresponding video resources to the local public security private network and other platforms through a dedicated line through the national standard agreement.

Portal LevelPC EndIOS EndAndroid EndDisplay Screen

Application Layer

Security SurveillanceSmart Cloud RadioSmart Prevention and ControlSmart Prevention and Control
Home SecurityAnti-epidemic NotificationSecurity ConcernStranger Alert
Video SharingEmergency CommandDanger AlertsPeople Gathering
Decentralized HierarchyPublicity and EducationLost Link TrackingVehicle Attention
Multi-screen Live StreamingPublicizing Party BuildingIntrusion AlertFirework Detection

Service Layer

Cloud Video PlatformAI AIgorithm Platform

Device Layer

Face Detection CameraIntegrated Structured CameraVehicle Detection CameraSurveillance Management Camera

Solution Advantage

Rich Hardware Adaptation

It provides a variety of face recognition cameras, face comparison/capture cameras, and network cameras, which are suitable for a variety of complex environments.

Multi-scenario Application

Safe Village is suitable for key checkpoint prevention and control, dangerous area alarm, garbage overflow, smoke detection, and personnel application scenarios

Mature Application Platform

The platform combines the cloud video platform and the Al intelligent platform to ensure the informatization construction of the countryside and improve the efficiency of the government's control over the countryside.

Data Exchange

Platform data interoperability, through the local and national standard platform docking service, can be synchronized with government Xueliang, Skynet, and other platforms.

Application Scenario

Drowning Prevention

Rural waters are large and loosely managed, lacking safety facilities and warning signs, and children lack adult protection. Recently, the state has made guidelines and requirements for drowning prevention, including setting up safety barriers, and monitoring and preventing drowning incidents through science and technology. Based on the Cloudvideo platform + Al intelligent algorithm technology, the Ping An Rural Drowning Prevention System reduces drowning incidents by monitoring reservoirs, ponds, and other waters, automatically warning and repelling people approaching the waters, and quickly notifying patrol personnel through voice calls via phones and computers to deal with them in a timely manner.

Forest Fire Protection

Forests cover a vast area in rural areas, and forest fire prevention is an important task in rural areas. Once a forest fire spreads, it is very difficult to extinguish it. Therefore, forest fire prevention must implement the policy of”prevention first, and actively fight fires” to achieve early detection and early resolution. Combined with this situation, a smart camera with a smoke and fire detection algorithm can be installed in a place with a wide field of view, and the camera can detect the smoke and open flames in the video screen in real-time. The platform reports the event, notifies the management personnel to rescue in time, reduces the impact of the fire, and ensures the safety of life and property.

Farming Caretaker

Most farmers in rural areas have captive poultry, and some farmers have built orchards and farms. in response to the current situation of frequent theft incidents in rural areas, Ping An Village, based on cloud video platform + Alintellicent algorithm technology, installs cameras with intelligent warning algorithms at key bayonets and sets warning areas on the platform. When the event occurs, an audible and visual alarm will be automatically issued, and the event will be reported to the platform, and a reminder will be sent to the relevant personnel through the mobile phone terminal and computer terminal. The relevant personnel can deal with it in time through voice call to prevent theft from happening.

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