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Guard everything that you care about every day

Faster Access & Reliability

All data is stored in local server. Blurams collaborates with Oracle and Amazon for secure cloud storage. Your privacy safety is ensured.

The hack-proof design keeps data safely secure.

Adopt bank-level AES256 security encryption technology with five security protection guarantees, including terminal device security enhancement, data transmission, cloud storage,operator-level computer room management, and global security certification.

Scroll through the timeline to view the moments you missed

Always know immediately who is there, and it is easy to check full history videos. No need to worry about cameras or SD cards being stolen or damaged.

Why You Need Blurams Guard



Device NumbersAll supportedSingle camera(start at $1.99/month)&Unlimited cameras (start at $5.99/month)
Cloud Storage24h free-loop7 day & 30 day
Recording MethodEvent recordingAll-day recording & Event recording
Live View Continue Play24h24h
0.5X/2X/4X Video Play
All-day Recording Flashback
Security Report*Coming soon
Download Recordings
Share Recordings
Save Recordings in Cloud

Smart Al Feature(*Some features depend on devices)

Motion Detection
Human Detection
Face Recognition
Pet Detection
Package Detection
Vehicle Detection
Family Care
Camera Health Check

Blurams Reward

Subscriber Discounts
Extend Warranty

*Start Blurams Guard Plan with a 30-day free trial in Blurams APP. No need for credit cards

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