Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen Solution

With the help of the regulatory requirements of the Market Supervision Bureau, the smart kitchen solution meets the government's smart kitchen and centralized supervision, and helps the government improve regulatory efficiency! Using video Al processing capabilities, real-time monitoring of kitchen conditions, cloud recording, and real-time intelligent early warning can be achieved to improve food safety.

Industry Needs

Government Regulatory Requirements

Facing the food hygiene supervision department, it provides a detection network platform to realize real-time alarm prompts for food safety issues in the kitchen.

Consumer Appeal

With the frequent occurrence of food safety issues, consumers are paying more and more attention to issues such as food processing and tableware disinfection in the back kitchen.

Standardized Management System

For the management of scenes such as messy back kitchen, irregular dress, and uncivilized behavior, it is difficult to achieve good results through system evasion.

Collectivized Kitchen NetworkUnified Management

For catering group companies, it is necessary to realize the safety inspection of the restaurant back kitchens across provinces and regions by the headquarters and realize the centralized management of multiple devices.

Product Architecture

Based on the Al intelligent service center and audio and video intelligent analysis technology, it is connected to the intelligent management platform of food, medicine, and a small kitchen. it mainly realizes online monitoring, real-time data analysis, intelligent alarms, video information sharing, etc., and realizes the food safety supervision requirements of the supervision department and the public.

Portal LevelPC EndIOS EndAndroid EndDisplay Screen

Application Layer

Smart SecuritySupervisory AssistantSmart Backroom
Kitchen & Lounge SecurityScheduled Point CheckWorkwear DetectionMask Detection
Video SharingOnline Store TourBending DetectionEarly Closing
Smart ArmingEvent TrackingWearing Hat DetectionMouse Detection
Anti-theft AlarmSmart ReportsFocus DetectionTransparent Backroom

Service Layer

Cloud Video PlatformAI AIgorithm Platform

Device Layer

Face Recognition Access Control MachineFace Detection CameraIntegrated Structured CameraSurveillance Management CameraSmart Advertising Machine

Solution Advantage

Hierarchical Supervision Center

The mature cloud video application platform supports the access of tens of millions of devices, realizes the remote supervision of food production enterprises and catering units in the city, and manages them hierarchically and hierarchically according to the management authority.

Al Algorithm Integration

The intelligent algorithm platform integrates multiple Al algorithms, such as face recognition, motion recognition, and behavior recognition and can meet the application scenarios of kitchen supervision through the device or device + cloud.

    Structured Data Analysis

    Use modern information technology to provide timely and reliable monitoring information and business data for background applications such as command and dispatch, investigation, and evidence collection, and improve the coverage and work efficiency of supervision.

    Open Platform

    The cloud platform model realizes the interaction and intercommunication of the government, businesses, and the public, promotes the development and implementation of food safety supervision, forms a good situation of supervision and social governance, and ensures food safety.

    Application Scenario

    Enterprise Self-examination

    Catering industry operators can view the real-time video and playback of the back kitchen through the installed smart Al camera equipment through computers, mobile phones, and other business terminals and can centrally and remotely manage the back kitchen. By connecting with Al services, it is possible to analyze the behavior and clothing of backfield personnel, identify smoking, wear work clothes, detect mice, and perform other event detections, and give real-time alarms.

    Government Regulation

    By connecting the operator's video to the management system of the supervision department, the real-time monitoring of the supervisor of the supervision department can be realized. Real-time detection images can be obtained through video, and inspection conclusions can be submitted online in a timely manner for on-site illegal operations and hygiene failures.

    Public Participation

    Through the establishment of a consumer supervision service platform for kitchen scenes such as school canteens and takeaways, relevant members are allowed to choose and authorize, and consumers' right to know and right to supervision is protected.

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