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About Blurams App

Open Blurams camera App allows you to see playback videos, chat with your family, and share your favorite moments. Keep in touch with your loved ones wherever you are.

  The blurams app is a home monitoring Wi-Fi video camera that sets up easily on your smartphone. With Blurams camera, you can view your live video feed from anywhere by logging into the free Blurams app on your smartphone.

APP Features:
  1、Two-way conversation and audio.
  2、Motion detected activity.
  3、High-definition video.
  4、Pan, tilt, and zoom on your phone to see more details of the room.
  5、Facial recognition.

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Why does peace of mind begin with Blurams?

Blurams is a company that specializes in software technologies and high-quality security cameras. Our products are made toimprove home security and provide clients with peace of mind whilemaintaining their privacy. To protect your data, we follow strict industry guidelines and have been given accreditations like lSO 27001, PCI DSS, and CSA STAR. You can trust that your data is completely protected with us. Every aspect of your life is in your hands, we cover your completehouse, from the nursery to the patio. We assist consumers with device sharing and home security for you and your family.

Security right at your fingertips

Effortlessly monitor every corner of your home simultaneously and save time.

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ISO 27001


Distance Is Not A Problem

With Blurams App, you can watch live streaming of your home and save videos on your phone, tablet or PC.

Flexible to Store Videos

24/7 video continuous recording can be stored in Blurams cloud or in the SD card. Enhanced security protection, your private information is safe with Blurams App

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