Smart Community

Smart Community Solutions

The smart community solution is to install face recognition access control machines and network cameras in community properties to enable community residents to scan their faces and provide convenient traffic services for community residents; realize the linkage management of AI monitoring and ordinary monitoring video to provide a safer community Management services; enrich the marketing and promotion channels of community products.

Industry Needs

Policy Driven

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to build a social governance pattern in which the whole people build, govern, and share together. To promote the social governance system, the focus and difficulty are all at the grassroots level.

Industry Trends

Refinement of social governance, intelligent grassroots construction, and the establishment of a society of construction. governance and sharing are the development trends of the

Livelihood Needs

The infrastructure construction is backward, the comprehensive management and prevention of the community is poor, and the safety of people's livelihood needs urgent attention.

Property Management

At present, property management mainly relies on manual management, which is costly and inefficient. Unable to meet the high standard needs of the owners.

Product Architecture

Relying on the platform's basic capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and edge computing, build an intelligent community governance system, build a professional and efficient community management, operation, and service integration platform, and empower community management, public services, and intelligent community governance. Help improve the efficiency of government, community, and property management at the grassroots level.

Portal LevelPC EndIOS EndAndroid EndDisplay Screen

Application Layer

Smart AccessSmart ManagementLife OperationsData Analysis
Face PassPerimeter ArmingNotificationSmart Advertisement
Visitor ManagementDropping Objects from a HeightTravel ReminderTraffic Analysis
Face RecognitionPassage BlockageAdvertising ManagementAudience Characteristics
Remote Door OpeningSmoke and Fire DetectionCommunity ShoppingConsumption Power Analysis

Service Layer

Cloud Video PlatformAI AIgorithm Platform

Device Layer

Face Recognition Access Control MachineFace Detection CameraIntegrated Structured CameraSurveillance Management CameraSmart Advertising Machine

Solution Advantage

Optimize Infrastructure

Make full use of existing resources, coordinate the network, control access and monitoring in the community, and guide the community in building “smart facilities.”

Improve Living Environment

The smart community provides safe, efficient, and convenient travel and home services for community residents and improves the smart and convenient life experience of community residents.

Improve Community Management

Smart communities can reduce property management costs, improve management efficiency, improve the safety factor of the community, and improve the overall service quality of the community.

Improve Community Governance Benefits

Through the smart community platform, the government, community management personnel, property management personnel, and community residents have been strengthened, and the efficiency and effectiveness of community governance have been improved.

Application Scenario

Smart Access Control

By installing face recognition access control machines at the entrances and exits of communities and buildings, it is possible to pass by face recognition, open doors remotely, and achieve a “zero” obstruction access plan. Provide real-time alarms for strangers and blacklist intrusions, strengthen access management, and improve safety index.

Dropping Objects from a Height

By connecting with the Al intelligent algorithm platform, it monitors the phenomenon of a high-altitude parabola, accurately draws the trajectory of the object's whereabouts, automatically calculates the position of the parabola, and sends an alarm.

Safety Linkage

By installing smart camera equipment on the perimeter fence of the park, the platform outputs structured video data to create a closed-loop disposal process of “alarm-inkage-identification-report-processing” and form a system of “pre-warning, mid-event warning, and post-event analysis.” management process.

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