About Us

Who is Blurams?

Founded in 2018, Blrams is an energetic company focusing on software technology and security camera quality. We design products and experiences that aim to lead our consumers to live a carefree life; when we got started, we achieved huge success as a B2c and SaaS company to more ole platform solutions for other company brands. Later, we noticed that many users were becoming upset because they received too many phone push notifications while using the CCTV camera.

To solve this tricky problem, Blurams spares no effort to develop a software function called “Facial recognition” to reduce the phone's push notifications of trivial things. And we're proud to say that our facial recognition technology is cutting-edge in the security camera industry.

Also, when the security camera system successfully identifies a person's face, it will auto-play specific voice messages for that person.

Beyond that, it can work with the IFTTT automation tool to automatically turn the light on, make coffee, turn the indoor security camera off, and more.

Despite all the pragmatic functions above, Blurams has' n't been satisfied and never ceases to continue creating and innovating.In the near future, we'll prepare for functions like detecting pets, packages, vehicles, smokes, and baby crying. etc.

Our Vision

Our Culture

Creation, Innovation, Revolution

Protect the things and people that matter most to you

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