Digital School

Digital School Solutions

The digital school solution is an overall solution based on the video cloud platform and combined with network camera monitoring products. lt not only meets the needs of school safety management, educational affairs supervision and management, and intelligent innovation management but also meets the centralized supervision of schools by the education supervision department. Open the video to third-party platforms to meet the needs of parents and keep track of their children's school dynamics.

Industry Needs

Education Sector Regulation

The education authorities expect to know the safety supervision and teaching quality of the campus and to obtain audio and video feedback on campus management and teaching.

Home School Communication

Establish communication channels between schools and parents to understand children's school safety. diet, and education.

Safe School

Solve the problem of campus security management, monitor the perimeter area of the school, and effectively prevent these security problems existing on the campus.

Technological innovation

Intelligent and objective class evaluation and class inspection, structured storage of data, and full integration of school management and technology.

Product Architecture

Relying on the video cloud platform of Blurams Technology, combined with network camera monitoring products,it also provides a variety of data output methods, integrates software and hardware capabilities, and ensures school security. Support the open access of video to third-party platforms to meet the needs of different application platforms for docking school affairs.

Portal LevelPC EndIOS EndAndroid EndDisplay Screen

Application Layer

Smart SecuritySmart AccessSmart Hostel ManagementDigital Learning
Centralized VideoFace PassAttendance RulesAutomatic Attendance
Decentralized ManagementVisitor ManagementBedtime StatisticsQuality Analysis
Smart ArmingGrouping ManagementAutomatic ReportingOnline Open Classes
Anti-theft AlarmParental AssistantAbnormal RemindersRemote Classroom Tour

Service Layer

Cloud Video PlatformAI AIgorithm Platform

Device Layer

Face Recognition Access Control MachineFace Detection CameraIntegrated Structured CameraSurveillance Management Camera

Solution Advantage

Centralized Cloud Video Management

Through the cloud video processing platform, the network cameras distributed in various places of the school are connected to realize centralized cloud video management and ensure the storage security of video information.

Internet School Supervision Methods

Hierarchical and domain-based authority management enables education supervision departments to share school surveillance videos remotely and in real-time, thereby strengthening real-time management of campus safety and education quality.

Comprehensive Al Algorithm Platform

It is easy to install, easy to use, and has a senseless experience, realizingdigital, informatization, networking, and intelligent management.

Multi-terminal Integration

Combined with the video integration platform and the face data algorithm platform, it can be quickly embedded into the campus's official account kindergarten home-school communication APP through the H5 live broadcast page, and the integration is convenient.

Application Scenario

Smart Pass

Install a professional face comparison machine or an all-in-one machine on the access control gate at the entrance and exit to realize real-time capture of human faces and offline real-time comparison to open the door. Applied to school gates and dormitory gates, it supports multiple ways to manage and import face list databases and automatically alarms blacklists and suspicious persons; it automatically reminds and alarms strangers who enter the campus without authorization.

Academic Supervisor

Cameras are installed in each classroom to change the traditional method of on-site inspection of teaching quality by educational supervisors. Educational supervisors can remotely inspect the class quality and classroom atmosphere of teachers through mobile apps and computer clients anytime, anywhere, and remotely complete teaching evaluation and evaluation; video viewing can be broadcast live, played back, and listened to on-site lectures and while watching the video The teaching evaluation and evaluation can be completed conveniently.

Home-School Exchange

The video data of the kindergarten is unified to the video cloud platform for video forwarding, storage, video playback, and other services. The video platform outputs the H5 live page link and embeds it into the kindergarten's home-school communication platform. The home-school communication platform provides the video display entrance. Parents in the corresponding class of the home-school communication app or official account decentralize and classify through the mobile app/PC client. Call up video content for classes you've joined.

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