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Digital Store Solutions

The digital store solution is a new type of security monitoring and digital store management solution, which meets the al-round coverage needs of physical stores for basic security monitoring and, at the same time, provides the owners of physical stores with functions such as efficient store inspection, automated customer flow analysis, and intelligent security management.

Industry Needs

Chain Management

For scattered terminal stores, it is necessary to achieve the purpose of centralized and standardized management and improve management efficiency.

Process Management

For each link of store management, the participants and the degree of participation can be based on evidence, and the results can be quantified and analyzed.

Safety Management

The safety management of chain stores has shifted from manual on-site supervision to video surveillance intelligent supervision, and timely identification and warning of safety accidents.

Data Analysis

The cognition of customers has shifted from manual to intelligent analysis to understand the composition characteristics of customer groups, passenger flow segments, commodity hot spots, etc.

Product Architecture

The digital store system is divided into the equipment layer, service layer, application layer, and portal layer. It has video processing capabilities, algorithm capabilities, and cloud video storage capabilities. Office management, on-the-job inspection, automated safety alarm, and other functions so as to improve the management efficiency of business halls, as well as scientifically collect data in the management process of business halls. and improve the service level of business halls.

Portal LevelPC EndIOS EndAndroid EndDisplay Screen

Application Layer

Smart SecuritySupervisory AssistantSmart Store TourDigital Operations
Centralized VideoScheduled Point CheckOff-duty InspectionSmart Customer Flow
Decentralized ManagementOnline Store TourCashier Loss PreventionHot Area Analysis
Smart ArmingEvent TrackingSmart CheckStore Trends
Anti-theft AlarmSmart ReportsOut-of-stock AlarmBusiness Comparison

Service Layer

Cloud Video PlatformAI AIgorithm Platform

Device Layer

Face Recognition Access Control MachineFace Detection CameraIntegrated Structured CameraSurveillance Management CameraSmart Advertising Machine

Solution Advantage

Centralized Cloud Video Management

Through the cloud video processing platform, the network cameras distributed in various stores are connected to realize centralized cloud video management.

Efficient Patrol Store Management

According to the needs of store management work, specific work instructions are issued to the network camera so as to deeply integrate specific video information with store management work.

Automated Customer Flow Analysis

Through the access to smart cameras, through the analysis of the characteristic value of customers who arrive at the store, the data analysis of customer flow to the store, and the analysis of commodity hot spots are realized.

Smart Security Management

By connecting to the Al camera, the camera patrols in real time, captures abnormal movements, sounds, and human figures on the screen, and if the abnormal situation meets the set conditions, it will immediately send an alarm according to the set method.

Application Scenario

Remote Store Tour

By installing smart network cameras in stores, combined with video platform technology, organically combining management norms, management processes, and video data through intelligent spot checks and online store inspection functions, online inspections to store images, displays, services, etc., are found. issues are initiated online through the event management module, and store personnel are designated to make corrections, and the entire process of the event is tracked to form a management closed loop of “problem discovery-problem resolution-acceptance problem.”

Customer Flow Analysis

By installing an Al passenger flow statistics camera at the entrance of the store, the camera and Al passenger flow algorithm provide intelligent passenger flow analysis services and conduct real-time analysis of the daily passenger flow to the store. Through the precipitation of passenger flow data, the trend of passenger flow during time periods and the differences in passenger flow during holidays are analyzed. Operations management provides data support.

Hot Zone Analysis

By connecting to the hot area analysis camera and relying on the intelligent algorithm platform, information such as passenger flow density in each area, attention rate of each shelf area, and attention time are obtained, and the data result information is displayed in different colors to intuitively understand the heat situation of shelves and areas. Through the statistics of the distribution of passenger flow hot spots, draw a passenger flow line map, grasp the passenger flow line, and provide data support for adjusting shelf placement, product display, and arranging service personnel.

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