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ALL-IN-ONE Smart Vision Cloud Platform Provider & Operator

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of image processing, cloud computing, and Al, we've built a complete video security product system that delivers competitive, safe, and reliable products and services to our customers.

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About Blurams App

Open Blurams camera App allows you to see playback videos, chat with your family, and share your favorite moments. Keep in touch with your loved ones wherever you are.

  The Blurams app is a home monitoring Wi-Fi video camera that sets up easily on your smartphone. With Blurams camera, you can view your live video feed from anywhere by logging into the free Blurams app on your smartphone.

APP Features:
  1、Two-way conversation and audio.
  2、Motion detected activity.
  3、High-definition video.
  4、Pan, tilt, and zoom on your phone to see more details of the room.
  5、Facial recognition.

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Global Distributed Cloud Architecture

Work with Oracle Cloud to ensure data security and user privacy

Local storage covers global cloud services for faster

Smart Security Designed for Every Home

BluramsGuard, Level Up Your Security

BluramsGuard, Level Up Your Security

Say goodbye to the storage limitation and damage risk of traditional SD cards, which allow you to save and share all of your important moments for up to 30 days!

Why People Love Blurams

Who is Blurams?

Blrams is an energetic company focusing on software technology and security camera quality. We design products and experiences that aim to lead our consumers to live a carefree life; when we got started, we achieved huge success as a B2c and SaaS company to more ole platform solutions for other company brands. Later, we noticed that many users were becoming upset because they received too many phone push notifications while using the CCTV camera.

Blurams Products

User Manual

Blurams Solutions

Peaceful Country

Through the smart cameras installed in rural, the videos are gathered on the platform to promote the application of public security video construction and improve public safety in rural.

Smart Community

The installation of face recognition access control and network cameras in the community provides convenient access services for community residents.

Digital Stores

It meets the demand of physical stores for all-around coverage of security monitors while providing the owners of stores with smart, efficient store management and automated customer analysis.

Smart Kitchen

Using video AI processing capabilities to achieve real-time monitoring of kitchen conditions, cloud-based recording, and real-time intelligent warning to improve food safety.

Blurams Smart Home Solution

Our products work together as an ecosystem via an app to cover any size of houses.

PTZ 360°Coverage
Never miss any corners

Family Care+
Your family's safety will be a priority

Package Detection
No more porch pirates

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