Blurams Omni Outdoor Cam S20C User Manual

Packing list

  1. Camera
  2. USB cable & Power adapter
  3. Screw accessory pack
  4. Waterproof case
  5. Manual

Get to know your camera

  1. Antenna
  2. Indicator light
  3. Spotlight
  4. Lens
  5. Microphone
  6. Speaker
  7. Reset button
  8. TF card slot
  9. Power port
  10. LAN port

Plug in your camera

  For the normal operation of the camera, please use the provided power cord to charge it. The camera has a power port and a LAN port. Waterproofing must be done on both of these ports.

  1. Wrapping with the waterproof tape.

  2. Wrap the power port with waterproofing tape (not included).

  3. Sealed with a rubber waterproof seal.

  4. Wrap the LAN port with the waterproofing tape (not included) or the waterproofing case.

Download blurams App

  Download the App by searching “blurams” in the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can open a QR scanner App and scan the blurams AppOR code below to install the App.

Add your camera to App

  Enter into the blurams App, sign up for a free blurams account and log in. Go to the home page and click the “+” icon in the top right corner, then select your camera. Please follow the instructions on the App interface to add your camera.

Use of access to the cameras via a web interface

  After you have installed the camera on your mobile phone and created an account with blurs there, you can also access the camera via a browser(Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

  Please enter the following address in the address line:

  Enter your registered email address, password, and verification code. Click on your camera, and the live image will appear. At the top right, you will find a gear symbol. If you click on it, you can change the camera settings and see the recordings made.


  After finishing the camera setup under the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection for the first time, you can try to to use an Ethernet cable to get a better and more stable network connection.

  Do not use the camera in any extreme weather environments, such as extremely high, low temperatures, direct strong sunlight, or heavy rain for long periods of time. The suitable temperature for the product and accessories is -20 °C to 60 °C.

  If you use a third-party charger, the recommended output voltage/current of the adaptor is DC12V/1A, and the adapter should be CE approval type.

  RF Exposure Information: The Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) levelhas been calculated based on a distance of d=20cm between the device andthe human body. To maintain compliance with RF exposure requirements, use products that maintain a 20cm distance between the device and the human body.

  Operating Frequency Range: 2412 MHz~2472 MHz Max Output Power:<20dBmThis product can be used across EU member states.

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