The Leading Cloud Platform

with Video Surveillance and Al Analytics

Global Architecture

Global-distributed cloud systems covering over 30 countries, with more than 10 data centers in worldwide.

Based on SolidCloud Infrastructure

Better performance, flexible configuration and end-to-end
security to meet the data compliance requirements of each
country region, such as SOC 2, 1S0 27001, PCl DSS and a lot.

Smart Home Control

Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and IFTTT.
Blurams is an irreplaceable part of the smart home ecosystem.

The hack-proof design keeps data safely secure.

Adopt bank-level AES256 security encryption technology with five security protection guarantees, including terminal device security enhancement, data transmission, cloud storage,operator-level computer room management, and global security certification.

Well-established solutions for Business Partners

Trustworthy after-sale service reduces worries for you and your customers when problems occur.

Earn recurring revenue with the extra partner-sharing program, which delivers a monthly increase in profitability to your business.

Know camera conditions well and have better interaction with your customers via the Blurams platform.

Scroll through the timeline to view the moments you missed

Always know immediately who is there, and it is easy to check full history videos. No need to worry about cameras or SD cards being stolen or damaged.

Advanced Al-Powered Features

Facial recognition

Recognize and save every face that appears. Pre-set is to be notified only when a stranger or certain people show up.

Pet detection

Collect wonderful moments of pets.

Fast playback of all-day recording

Review all-day video quickly in several minutes with
Al-based frame-drawing algorithm.

Increased Home Security

Make sure your packages and cars stay in control with real-time call alerts

Robust App

Secure login authentication method

multiple log-in ways, including fingerprints, face recognition login, and password. Furthermore, you can log in with your Facebook account or Apple ID.

Alerts with preview image

Know what's going on instantly, even just on the phone lock screen.

Smarter push notifications as you like

Reduce the disturbance of invalid alerts and only get what matters most as you set it.

Quick video filtering

Intelligently filter different events, including motion, sound, human face, pet, vehicle, package, and so on. You can find the important video clips within a few seconds.

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