Share Your Life Get Blurams Reward

Have you ever captured any interesting or meaningful moment with Blurams cameras? How about sharing it with more people and getting a reward?

We're eager to know what stories are going between Blurams cameras and our users. Share now!

We will select videos which are funny.touching, memorable, etc.The selected videos may be posted by blurams on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Youtube & Tiktok.

The winners will get free cloud packages or cameras maybe eventwo of them!The more interesting your video is.the bigger prize you will win!

We will send email to you within 7 workdays if your videos are chosen.Hopefully y'all will hear from us!

You can see it here in the Blurams app:

Tips on sharing your video

What kind of video ismost likely to be selected?

it should be a video recorded by Blurams cameras.

it records something funny, interesting or helpful in your daily life.

you can also re-edit the video to add some music or effect to make it more attractive.

How could l downloadthe recorded video ?

you could go to the 【Library】or 【Me->Favorites】in blurams APP, select the recorded videos you like, and click【Download】



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