What shouId I do if the BluramsGuard is unavaiIabIe after the subscription?

  In general, the BluramsGuard will be activated within 5 minutes after subscription. If not, please check as below:

  1. Check whether the service is associated with the device: Go to [Me]-[BluramsGuard] if the service plan isn't associated with a device. Please choose a device to make it.

  2. Check whether the cloud recording is turned on: Go to the device [Preferences]-[Storage], and turn on [Record video to the cloud]. If it's turned off, the video won't be saved in the cloud.

  3. Check whether the video data source is from the cloud: Go to the device [Preferences]-[Storage], make sure [Video viewing ways] is cloud.

You can also switch it in the live page by click “sd “button.

If the issue still exists, please email [email protected] with mac address ofthe device and screenshot of your Paypal payment.

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