How to subscribe a BluramsGuard plan?

Go to “Device” page and tap the “cloud” icon in the lower right corner of thedevice card, then you can enter into the BluramsGuard page of this device.

  The deduction methods can be credit card or Paypal.

  If you pay by credit card, this payment is a one-time subscription. For example if, if you subscribed to the monthly BluramsGuard this time, it will be only valid for one month, and the BluramsGuard will expire after one month. You need to resubscribe it for the device.

  If you pay by Paypal, the purchase of this payment is an automatic renewal service. After the BluramsGuard expires, it will automatically renew theBluramsGuard. For example, if you purchase a monthly BluramsGuard, and theBluramsGuard expires one month later, Paypal will automatically renew theBluramsGuard for the next month and automatically extend the validity period of the BluramsGuard, eliminating the need to manually repay each month

  Note: One BluramsGuard can be transferred to different devices as needed, but it is limited to one device at the same time, if you need to use the cloud in multiple devices under one account simultaneously, you need to subscribeBluramsGuard for each camera.

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