How to canceI an auto-renewaI plan?

  In auto-renewal plan can be cancelled in the [Me]->[Manage plans]->[cancel] at any time

  You may cancel your subscription to the BluramsGuardServices, at any time and for any reason by following theinstructions below. However, if you do so, blurams willnot refund any Fees for the Subscription Period fortheBluramsGuard Services that have been validly charged,debited or otherwise billed to your account as of the dateof such termination.

  Please remember that you must cancel twenty-four (24)hours in advance of the start of a new Subscription Periodto avoid being charged for that Subscription Period. Forexample, if you subscribe for a monthly BluramsGuardsubscription, and your monthly BluramsGuardsubscription begins on January 1, you must cancel atleast twenty-four (24) hours before February 1, whichmeans you must cancel on January 30, to avoid beingcharged for a new monthly Subscription Periodbeginning on February 1.

  Regardless of how you cancel your subscription, yourUser Recordings will remain available until the end of thestorage period referenced in the”BluramsGuardRecordings”section above.

  After you cancel your subscription to BluramsGuard, youwill continue to have access to the BluramsGuard Seryicesuntil the end of your current Subscription Period. At thattime, your subscription and access to BluramsGuard wilend.

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